Solutions & accessoires tactiques, pour militaires, policiers, chasseurs, amateurs d'outdoor & bushcraft, survivalistes et miliciens Nuff said. Cell and Molecular Biology A nationally leading academic research center of high international standard where science comes first and foremost. 30-40 yrs. They are arresting people right now for going out for unapproved reasons. They had a 95% infant vaccination rate but had some of the worst outbreaks in all of England. Indemnity is an equaion changer. Biosciences and Nutrition Performs research and education in e.g. 210 Followers, 2 Following, 140 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from SCOTUS doesn’t have to reconcile. Des essais cliniques de plusieurs vaccins contre le Covid-19 sont sur le point de démarrer en France. Damon Root is a senior editor at Reason and the author of A Glorious Liberty: Frederick Douglass and the Fight for an Antislavery Constitution (Potomac Books). | What if medically treating Covid would likely result in a much longer-lasting immunity than a vaccine would? Kids were DYING from the vaccination. This is not to mention both the potential connection to autism mercury and aluminum stabilizers have or the ethical issues of a vaccine that uses either animal or human fetuses or is tested animals. I think this pandemic has shown the authorities basically can have their way with the people who have willingly turned into sheep. », publié dans Morphéus n°83 septembre octobre 2017. Reste à savoir s’il sera similaire pour le Covid-19. But this case, he concluded, did not rise to that standard. I only drink pure grain alcohaul and distilled rain water, they are not going to infiltrate my bodily fluids. Les résultats de ce nano-diagnostic sur 44 vaccins dont les onze obligatoires sont sur les bureaux de tous les fabricants de vaccins. There were epidemics in 1859, 1860, 1864, 1865, 1867 and an enormous outbreak in 1872-73. It’s one thing to have the Patriot Act but a medical equivalent to this will be HORRIFIC. Death rates from measles decreased because of better health and better healthcare.Meaning, in countries with good healthcare, today, even the unvaccinated have a very low risk of dying from measles. It is a useful vaccine, but not for the simplistic reasons you think. Change Your Life Right Now! Ces derniers, n’ayant aucune réponse scientifique à apporter, s’empressent de mettre leurs sbires aux postes des ministères de santé publique. We obviously would do the same in America under identical circumstances. . En revanche, ils pourront inscrire leurs enfants dans le primaire, mais devront payer une amende salée (entre 500 et 7500 euros) s’ils ont oublié de faire vacciner leur progéniture. They contradict themselves ALL the time! Mandatory vaccination is not a human experiment! ARE WE SURE CONGRESS HAS ORIGINALLY VETTED ALL SCIENCE? -, Demandes d’asile en Autriche face à l’obligation vaccinale, La gemme éternelle essaimant sans fin la création. Do state governments have the authority to compel such refusers to get vaccinated on threat of punishment? | AresMaxima. Anyone who calls themselves a libertarian and advocates state mandated medical treatment needs his head checked because he’s not a libertarian at all. OPT Last Monday I bought a great Lotus Elan after I been earning $9534 this-last/5 weeks and-a little over, $10k last month . The #1 contributor of congress are pharmaceutical companies that make an average 440% return on vaccine investments since the 1986 Vaccine Act literally removes ALL LIABILITY from them. They presumably believed that Jacobson's liberty was violated by the compulsory vaccination law, but they kept their reasoning to themselves: They did not write an opinion. We won’t need comic books to read about villainous scientists. Les résultats de leurs nano-diagnostics ont été publiés dans l’International Journal of Vaccines le 23 Janvier 2017. Qui joue avec des armes à énergie dirigée ? Jacob Sullum Virginia Postrel Related: "Police Powers During a Pandemic: Constitutional, but Not Unlimited", NEXT: Sen. Josh Hawley Wants a Bogus Criminal Investigation Into Amazon. The Nuremberg Code, itself, is not a binding document, but it does inform and shape a lot of the actual laws and regulations involved in human subjects research. (And why do we think they are equipped to make a medical judgement in the first place.) The tips below are very informative and anyone currently working from home or planning to in the future could use this website… More Read Here. Il y est question d'un « premier avertissement avant poursuites pour viol du Code de Nuremberg », une liste de dix critères contenus dans le jugement du procès des médecins de Nuremberg … Populations that are able to freely traverse the globe and subsection themselves into groups with varying levels of immunity/vaccination can’t achieve herd immunity or achieve a herd immunity that is dispelled or undone the instant 1, 100, or 1,000 people migrate in/out. Just what we need, another nurse lecturing on the harms of vaccines. En effet, à la suite des atrocités médicales nazies, le monde a adopté le Code de Nuremberg qui affirme que « le consentement volontaire du sujet humain est absolument essentiel ». If the answer is yes the what will they do with vaccinations? I’m a nurse. New York's unemployment rate is nearly 10 percent and roughly one-third of small businesses in New York City may have closed forever. "Whatever may be thought of the expediency of this statute, it cannot be affirmed to be, beyond question, in palpable conflict with the Constitution," Harlan held. I worry it will be mandated. On peut en douter car il existe plusieurs lectures du sujet et les mondialistes veulent vacciner de force la nouvelle génération de 0 à 10 ans. Where is the violence (other than that perpetrated by police enforcing this nonsense)? Start by asking for informed consent from your doctor by asking to look at the package inserts, something most docs have never bothered with. Nonetheless, if anyone thinks they are going to force us to get a rushed-to-market vaccine when no one suffers any fallout if its got issues…..they can pound sand. Winterstein has been heavily criticised in several South Pacific, and Australasian countries for her anti-vaccination rhetoric and her seminars have been called "irresponsible" by the Australian Medical Association and a "public health threat" by the Samoan Ministry of Health. How about this question: Will the Supreme Court of the USA find that an executive, either governor (Procurator is a better term) or president (Emperor is a better term), have the power to put an entire state under house arrest? I have all the recommended shots (though i don’t get flu shots) and my kids have been given whatever doses of straight autism [;-)] the doc says. Trump thinks the judiciary cannot be trusted to reveal the massive fraud that he says denied him a second term. From the January 2021 issue, J.D. Retrouvez nous pour des DIY beautés et venez découvrir la vie chez Pharmashopi ! Japanese encephalitis The Japanese encephalitis virus is present in Asia, from Japan to India and Pakistan, and outbreaks are erratic and spatially and temporally limited phenomena, occurring quite unpredictably, even if all conditions appear to be present in a definite place. >>Most Americans will undoubtedly line up eagerly for a dose, doesn’t seem like a very good idea at this point if ever. 2°) le volet nanométrique puisque les vaccins contiennent des nano-composants de tungstène, titane, zirconium, hafnium, strontium, aluminium, nickel, fer, antimoine, chrome, or, zinc, platine, argent, bismuth, cérium, cuivre, plomb, étain, baryum, vanadium, magnésium, souffre, silicium, calcium, sodium, manganèse…. 12.25.2020 3:05 PM. 12.27.2020 5:30 PM, Thaddeus Russell 211 likes. I have been working from home for 4 years now and I love it. The state can’t force vaccinations. There is more reason for healthy people to abstain from biologics than to take them. Le code de Nuremberg « La vaccination obligatoire, qui revient à une expérimentation humaine sans consentement, est contraire au Code de Nuremberg », expliquait Mary Holland, docteur en droit et professeur d’Université à la tribune des Nations Unies, le 4 mai 2016. We have the very great irony now that the very companies whose forced medical horrors during the Nazi regime led to the creation of the Nuremberg Code have, through their power at the WHO, set in motion the largest forced medical experiment in human history - even militarized. Willingly giving up their freedom and reporting those that don’t to the gestapo! They didn’t. Federal judges have been underwhelmed by the former Trump campaign lawyer's evidence of massive election fraud. ARE WE SURE CONGRESS ISN’T BEING SOLD to the highest bidder? Privacy Policy | Cette dernière autorise la possibilité de poursuivre des fabricants de vaccins sans apporter de preuves scientifiques dès lors qu’il existe un lien de causalité entre, par exemple, un vaccin de Sanofi Pasteur contre l’hépatite B et la sclérose en plaques. Isolation and contact tracing, not herd immunity. « La vaccination obligatoire, qui revient à une expérimentation humaine sans consentement, est contraire au Code de Nuremberg », expliquait Mary Holland, docteur en droit et professeur d’Université à la tribune des Nations Unies, le 4 mai 2016. And most fruit has arsenic, or cyonide! Faute de quoi, ils devront se replier sur les nounous. Nous sommes bien confrontés à une expérimentation humaine de génie génétique d’ampleur mondiale qui comprend deux volets : 1°) le volet chimico-biologique puisque les vaccins contiennent du Phénol, Thimerosal, Mercure, Aluminium, Ethylène Glycol, Formol, Benzetonium, Squalène, SV40, cellules cancérisées, Benzonase, ADN et ARN viraux, Edulcorants, OGM, albumine humaine, antibiotiques sous forme de trace de néomycine, polymyxine B, kanamycine, gentamycine, streptomycine, trométamol. 12.26.2020 6:00 AM, © 2020 Reason Foundation | It would seem that compulsory mask wearing is both unreasonably burdensome to the wearer due to contamination risk as well as having “no real or substantial relation to the protection of the public health and the public safety.”. There will be a long line for the COVID vaccine, if there is one, so the paranoid and gullible can wait at the rear if they want to be extra sure the vaccine is safe, especially if there are fewer rounds of clinical trials and such. Chapter 7: Human Experimentation . 12.26.2020 8:00 AM, Virginia Postrel Ils entendent tuer dans l’œuf cette information et prendre des mesures très coercitives pour imposer leurs vaccins. And the Germans have been criticized for decades for knuckling under to Hitler. 200,000,000 getting the vaccine should be enough proof. 1932 nesx accounts already show “liberal” used to mean “pro-repeal” and “unappreciative of Hitler.” Outside the USA liberal still means objectivist, libertarian or classical liberal–never Fabian socialist as in These States. If the government can require vaccination and mask wearing, then can the government also require that people ingest bleach and take hydroxychloroquine, or eat broccoli, to combat a virus? Case: Willowbrook Experiments. “strains evolve too fast for the immunity to remain relevant.”. There are no “massive externalities” from not getting vaccinated. Bing helps you turn information into action, making it faster and easier to go from searching to doing. The population demonstrated with 80,000 attendees and decided they would stop vaccinating – instead using quarantine of the infected with disinfectant of their homes. This is one of the ridiculous, ignorant tropes of the anti-vaccine religion [1] which is pervasive in the anti-vaxxer world. I have no problem with proven vaccines that serve a purpose; a COVID-19 vaccine is pointless for 99% of the population. Exactly. Cette procédure demande un consentement éclairé posé par écrit. DÉCRYPTAGE - Tous les ans, le taux de vaccination varient d’un extrême à un autre pour la grippe saisonnière, selon les professions. That was actually more of a lecture on history and the law rather than a lecture on the harms of vaccines. La construction des pyramides selon F. Krasniqi. In addition, the efficacy in slowing spread to others is also questionable/mixed. Dans la foulée, la présidence américaine a ouvertement posé la question de l’équilibre entre la sécurité du citoyen et l’utilité des vaccins. ), The presumption that vaccines are “a miracle” as Bill Gates says is interesting because not only was US measles mortality PRIOR to the MMR vaccine was only 2 in 1 million (now it is 2 in 1,000), the CDC was forced to admit in court last month that they have ZERO studies to make their claim on their website saying autism is NOT caused by this vaccine or the combination of any of the 48 to 63 vaccinations now reccomended by the CDC. In Jacobson v. Massachusetts (1905), the U.S. Supreme Court confronted a state law that allowed local governments to require smallpox vaccinations when the local health authorities deemed them necessary. Limited Number Of Spots Open… Find out how HERE……More here. My problem with this is they will enforce lockdowns to various degrees until then. Hardly. | Yeah…just what I want to do…shoot up some crap laced with mercury…fuck that…sheeples, carry on without me. En Italie, un décret a été publié le 7 juin rendant douze vaccins obligatoires.