On March 10, the long-running, primetime animated Comedy Central series is returning with its second COVID-19 episode. Cartman tries to escape and gets into a fight with Kyle, prompting the police to open fire and shoot Token Black. 15+ Starring Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Isaac Hayes. Adding more grist to the mill is a new militant group who tries to stop the boys from getting their teacher vaccinated. No matter how you feel about the special, the creative team continues to work on the new season remotely. Fearing his zoophilia will be exposed, Randy steals the pangolin. South Park To Air A Second Pandemic Special Focused On Vaccine The hour-long episode will debut in March. It was also released on HBO Max in the United States 24 hours after its premiere. Randy's wife, Sharon, berates him for seeking to profit from the pandemic. The on-going pandemic presents continued challenges to the citizens of South Park, in the hour-long, supersized episode titled “The Pandemic Special” premiering Wednesday, Sept 30 at 8p ET 1 - The Pandemic Special - Full … Animation 1997. South Park Season 11 show reviews & Metacritic score: South Park is an animated series featuring four boys who live in the Colorado town of South Park, which … South Park (TV Series) The Pandemic Special (2020) FAQ Add to FAQ . The meeting decides that South Park Elementary will reopen; however it will be run by the now defunct police force, which had lost most of its funding because of police violence. Randy sets about augmenting his Pandemic Special marijuana with his semen but is interrupted when Sharon summons him to observe that Jimbo has grown a mustache identical to Randy's. The local hospital becomes packed with male and female patients afflicted by the same type of mustache. [18] The episode was the number one rated cable broadcast on the evening of September 30, 2020. While plenty of the jokes land and many 'South Park' fans will enjoy, 'The Pandemic Special' lacks any kind of focus as it struggles to cram too much material into a very limited time frame. The pandemic installment — which was the show's first … "The Pandemic Special" is an hour-long special episode of the American animated television series South Park. Watch Cartman, Kenny, Stan and Kyle in all their foul-mouthed adventures. ‘South Park: The Pandemic Special’ Makes a Convincing Case for Its Own Inadequacies The animated comedy's hourlong "Pandemic Special" rebukes itself a little too well amid a … Set in the Colorado town of South Park, weird things keep happening, whether its being abducted by aliens or avoiding Kyle's little brother Ike. The pangolin from Wuhan is brought to the United States for study in the hope of developing a vaccine. Edit. Realizing they are responsible for the virus, Randy calls Mickey Mouse and then wanders around South Park, guiltily observing the negative impacts of the virus. EPISODE 1 The Pandemic Special. Randy convinces Mickey to give him more time by promising to find a cure. The sets included brief audio commentaries by Parker and Stone for each episode, a collection of deleted scenes, and two special mini-features, The Making of 'Major Boobage and Six Days to South Park. "South Park" The Pandemic Special (TV Episode 2020) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Back at Tegridy Farms, Randy tries to block Sharon, Shelly Marsh and Stan Marsh from watching the news, and learns the virus actually originated from a pangolin. "[15] Andrew Bloom from Consequence of Sound gave the film a mixed review, praising the social commentary but criticising the plot, stating, "'The Pandemic Special' is unlikely to become anyone's new favorite episode of South Park. Comedy Central’s South ParQ The Vaccination Special will debut on Wednesday, March 10 at 8PM ET, with a simulcast on MTV2. In these pandemic times, “South Park” will have another pandemic special. Randy comes to terms with his role in the COVID-19 outbreak as the on-going pandemic presents continued challenges to the citizens of South Park. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, SEE IT: Florida deputy rescues 13-year-old girl from motel with 22-year-old man she met online, Rudy Giuliani tried dodging getting served with $1B Dominion Voting Systems suit: source, Meghan McCain, co-host of ‘The View,’ calls for Fauci’s firing. Harrison Yates is struggling to adapt to teaching, when Cartman is dragged in and handcuffed to a chair. Showing all 10 items Jump to: FAQs (1) Spoilers (9) FAQs. The South Park Elementary school board convenes a Zoom meeting led by Mr. Mackey. And in the end, 'The Pandemic Special' is only here because TV is an essential — and still lucrative — service. South Park mocked Trump (Mr. Garrison), yet again, the "Pandemic Special" highlighting the president's apparent complete lack of concern about the … "South Park's The Pandemic Special," will be re-aired an hour before the vaccination special. He then reminds people to vote in the upcoming presidential election. It is the first new South Park episode released on HBO Max after the service obtained the rights for the show from ViacomCBS, ending the Hulu second window.[12]. "Pandemic", along with the thirteen other episodes from South Park's twelfth season, were released on a three-disc DVD set and two-disc Blu-ray set in the United States on March 10, 2009. At the end of the special, it's shown that Sharon of all people ended up smoking the Pandemic Special and grew the same kind of mustache that Randy has. Spoilers. He named it the "Pandemic Special," thus adding a second layer to the episode title. ... the parents of South Park are hesitant to send their sons on the young men's Catholic boat trip. South Park's Second Pandemic Special Episode Date Set for March 2021 IGN India - Kshiteej Naik. South Park had aired a Pandemic Special episode back in September 2020. Edit. Police are about to open fire on the boys, when Randy intervenes and hands over the pangolin. The 308th episode overall of the series, it premiered on Comedy Central in the United States on September 30, 2020, while also being simulcast for the first time on MTV and MTV2. Titled “South ParQ Vaccination Special,” the one-hour event will follow South Park citizens as they desperately clamor for the much-coveted COVID-19 vaccine. The beloved animated series will debut another pandemic special that focuses … South Park: Second Pandemic Special Coming to Comedy Central and MTV2 (Video) by Regina Avalos, February 21, 2021 South Park is coming back to the small screen with a second pandemic-themed episode. Mickey Mouse threatens to kill Randy and send his DNA samples to scientists to create a vaccine. The Pandemic Special Season 24 E 1 • 09/30/2020 Randy comes to terms with his role in the COVID-19 outbreak as the on-going pandemic presents continued challenges to the citizens of South Park. Randy has another flashback, recalling that he also had sexual intercourse with a pangolin in China. "The Pandemic Special" is an hour-long special episode of the American animated television series South Park. More from IndieWire 'The Comedy Store' Review: Showtime's Doc Squanders a … The first South Park "Pandemic Special" debuted in September and parodied school reopenings and other aspects of pandemic life. His father, Stephen Stotch, is criticizing improper wearing of protective masks, derisively calling them "chin diapers", when he is distracted by a crowd assembling for a live show staged by Randy Marsh, who announces a "pandemic special" on marijuana sold by his Tegridy Farms. Stan's dad, Randy Marsh, used the quarantine orders to create a special strain of marijuana from his weed farm. 'The Pandemic Special' has moments of comedic brilliance but is brought down by a messy plot that struggles to put a fresh spin on the reality of life in 2020. "[14], A point of criticism for multiple reviewers was the overall length of the special. But in 2020, even this series has trouble satirizing reality. Will there be a sequel to this special episode? That night, Randy enters Jimbo's hospital ward and gives him a marijuana joint mixed with Randy's semen. “South Park” returned with an hourlong pandemic special on Wednesday night, and boy did viewers find it infectious. “We will be herd,” the show’s official Twitter account posted to announce the episode. “South Park: The Pandemic Special” premiered Wednesday, September 30 and is now streaming via HBO Max. Randy then decides to run a few more specials. South Park fans will get a second round of coronavirus-inspired comedy as the Comedy Central title sets another hour-long pandemic special.. On March 10, the long-running, primetime animated Comedy Central series is … "Red Hot Catholic Love" S06 See More. What is a pangolin? Dr. Anthony Fauci appears on television, telling people to wear masks over the area where their mustaches are, while a news anchor advises people to stay home and relax with some Pandemic Special. South Park - Season 24, Ep. At Tegridy Farms, Sharon informs Randy that her brother, Jimbo Kern, has COVID-19, but Randy insists Jimbo is sick because he is a "fat alcoholic". Randy is about to confess his actions to Sharon when he notices that she too has a mustache. Maybe as their own individual episodes. Advertisement: Shortly after Cartman decides to hand over the pangolin for a vaccine , Garrison shows up … ... Kyle, Cartman and Kenny manage to have themselves a time. What's novel, though, is that sort of sincerity and vulnerability coming from the show's usual mouthpiece, echoing what we're all going through right now. [2][9][10][11][12][13], The special satirizes aspects of the United States' COVID-19 response, police brutality and racial unrest, including mental health, improper mask-wearing, education, sinophobia and divestment from police. There's a particular resonance to that at the present moment, especially when a series that can otherwise project the sense of being 'above it all' is admitting that this hurts. "[17], For the two-part episode from the twelfth season of South Park, see, "South Park Returns With One Night Hour Long Special Event", "Comedy Central's Emmy & Peabody Award Winning South Park To Simulcast On Mtv And Mtv2 For First Time Ever With Pandemic Special Event Tonight, Wednesday, September 30th At 8:00pm Et/Pt", "South Park - Season 24 Ep. Item model number : SP-100054-0001-SP-PS-ISTPS; [16][13][17] Writing for The Slate, Adam Beam stated, "The hour-long runtime greatly hurts this special, and a lot of this material would work better if the show was given more time to develop. The world is in complete chaos, which couldn't be any more on-brand for South Park. In lieu of a traditional season, South Park returns with a standalone special that tackles the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Sections of this page. Kenny McCormick is among those killed by the police. The episode drew 2.3 million viewers on Comedy Central[18] and a total of 4.05 million viewers overall including the simulcast on MTV and MTV2,[20] making it the highest-rated South Park episode since 2014's "Go Fund Yourself". The boys break into Build-A-Bear but Stan is unable to successfully operate the equipment. Cartman gives the pangolin to a scientist, only for President Garrison to suddenly appear and kill both it and the scientist with a flamethrower. Press alt + / to open this menu. It be will simulcast on MTV2 and then air again at 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. South Park returns with a special COVID-19 vaccination special. Randy's adventures are fine but nothing truly new. ‘South Park’ Sets Second Pandemic Special; Hourlong Episode To … Unfortunately, the series' first experiment with a longer, standalone format doesn't really pay off. Another South Park Pandemic Special Is Coming. The police claim Token was hospitalized for testing positive for coronavirus, and the entire school is placed under quarantine, which becomes more like a prison under the officers' watch. “South ParQ Vaccination Special” will air March 10 at 8 p.m. EDT on Comedy Central. Club gave the episode a B+, stating, "While things were far from normal for the residents of South Park in this hour-long special, the show stays true to form, offering a surprising source of consistency. [18][19][20], After its Comedy Central debut, the episode was released on the South Park website for free, as well as on the Comedy Central app and website with TV Everywhere authentication. Randy comes to terms with his role in the COVID-19 outbreak as the on-going pandemic presents continued challenges to the citizens of South Park. Accessibility Help. Following on from last September’s other hour-long episode The Pandemic Special, The Vaccination Special will see the citizens of South Park attempting to secure their … Butters becomes increasingly upset he may never get to visit Build-A-Bear, while Stan starts to suffer a nervous breakdown. Randy learns from the television news that the pandemic began with a bat in Wuhan, prompting a flashback to his past visit to China, where he and Mickey Mouse had sexual intercourse with a bat. The Pandemic Special S24, E1: Randy comes to terms with his role in the COVID-19 outbreak as the on-going pandemic presents continued challenges to the citizens of South Park. The hourlong special had plenty of targets — from trigger-happy cops to a bat-raping Mickey Mouse — but it only really dialed in on its own relevance in these trying times. By Eddie Makuch on February 19, 2021 at 12:21PM PST In the White House, President Garrison receives a call from Stan, who tells him that one of the students is really sick, but Garrison refuses to do anything about the virus because Mexicans and other ethnic minorities have a higher fatality rate than whites. The meeting quickly devolves into a shouting match of obscene insults, prompting Mr. Mackey to use a mute button. South Park is an Emmy Award-winning animated series about four boys living in a screwed-up Colorado town. 'South Park' is set to make its return and they'll do so with something many have been hoping to see for months: how the show will take on the Coronavirus pandemic. As the local school reopens, local policeman Sgt. Facebook. "[16], Ben Travers of IndieWire gave the special an overall grade of B-, praising the special for how it tackled the social issues, stating, "...kudos to South Park for being one of the first scripted series to tackle America's new normal head-on, all the while making the case against its very existence. South Park is an animated series featuring four foul-mouthed 4th graders, Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman. The FAQ items below may give away important plot points. Jump to. "[13] Stephanie Williams for The A.V. In these pandemic times, “South Park” will have another pandemic special. Cartman visits Kyle Broflovski to complain about the prospect of having to return to school. EPISODE 6 Season Finale Randy has alienated everyone in South Park, including his own family. South Park. In the aftermath, wildfires have broken out and South Park is placed under lockdown. Yesterday, Comedy Central announced a second pandemic-themed em>South Park episode is on the way. Product details. Yates and the South Park police force as a whole are a middle finger at the escalating cases of Police Brutality that led to protests over systemic racism during the pandemic in real life. 1 - The Pandemic Special - Full Episode", "South Park To Premiere A Pandemic Special Event Episode", "Comedy Central to air one-hour 'South Park' pandemic special", "South Park tackling COVID-19 with its first hourlong episode", "How to Watch the 'South Park' Pandemic Special Live Tonight", "South Park: 'The Pandemic Special' Review", "South Park's Pandemic Special is damning and yet surprisingly earnest: Review", "South Park's pandemic special thrives in 2020's chaos", "Review: Even 'South Park' can't handle 2020 in the messy hour-long 'Pandemic Special, "UPDATED: SHOWBUZZDAILY's Top 150 Wednesday Cable Originals & Network Finals: 9.30.2020", "The Pandemic Special" video episode on Comedy Central, South Park and Philosophy: You Know, I Learned Something Today, South Park and Philosophy: Bigger, Longer, and More Penetrating, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=The_Pandemic_Special&oldid=1008206043, American television episodes about cannabis, Fictional portrayals of police departments in the United States, Television episodes about the COVID-19 pandemic, All Wikipedia articles written in American English, Short description is different from Wikidata, Television episode articles with short description with no season number, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 22 February 2021, at 02:59. The following day, Sharon informs Randy that Jimbo has recovered. [17] It was the highest-rated South Park episode in over seven years, drawing in over 4.05 million viewers and becoming the most-watched program of the night. Featuring the Grim Reaper riding a bike, this tee is a stylish badge of honor. Cartman seizes the pangolin, intending to kill it, but changes his mind when Stan makes an inpassioned speech. Premiering September 30th. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention describes “herd immunity” as enough people in a community being protected from getting a disease because they’ve already had the disease or because they’ve been vaccinated. South Park had aired a Pandemic Special episode back in September 2020. Critics praised the social commentary and humor, but criticized the plot and overall length of the episode,[13][14][15][16] with Adam Beam of The Slate opining that the episode's running time was not sufficient to develop its various story threads. Answer . Meanwhile, Eric Cartman sings ecstatically about social distancing, as he can stay at home and avoid online school lessons by faking connection problems with Zoom classes. Stream free episodes and clips, play games, create an avatar and go behind-the-scenes of … Show the world that you survived the Pandemic Special in style with this South Park I Survived the Pandemic Special Long Sleeve T-Shirt. Stan promises to take Butters to Build-A-Bear and convinces the students to break out of the school. Amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, fourth grader Butters Stotch is upset that his parents will not allow him to visit Build-A-Bear. His joy turns to fury when his mother, Liane Cartman, informs him that school could soon reopen. Watch “The Pandemic Special” uncensored full episode for free: cart.mn/sp-pandemic. And the social commentary at play here is entertaining, but not exactly revolutionary. Cartman's homebody preservationism is amusing but slight. [19], Jesse Schedeen, writing for IGN gave the episode a 5 out of 10, writing, "There's no doubt that some new South Park is better than no South Park at all. The 308th episode overall of the series, it premiered on Comedy Central in the United States on September 30, 2020,[2] while also being simulcast for the first time on MTV and MTV2. [3][4], Multiple sources indicate that the episode is the premiere episode of the 24th season, the remainder of which has yet to be announced,[5][6][7][8] while others indicate that it is a stand-alone special, and not the premiere of the 24th season. Protests, rioting and looting erupt in South Park, enabling police to regain their funding and munitions to quell the civil unrest.